Franchise Business Opportunity

Franchise Business Opportunity

Become a Wta & Co.  franchisee / partner and increase your presence & sales

  • Low Investment (Less than Rs. 50,000 required to start)

  • Offer financial services (Loan, Tax, Accounting, Registration) to your network

  • Account payables Mgt.

  • Over 80+ successful existing franchises

  • Online marketing to help you expand business

  • Training and education on all services.


Benefits of becoming a Wta & Co. Franchisee

We can help you grow your business. Franchising your companies with us have benefits like:

  • Earn from all our services including registrations, return filing & loans.

  • Set your own pricing, hours of operation & more.

  • Online marketing programs to help you expand business.

  • 100% systematic / automated processes that increase customer satisfaction.

  • Dedicated local support teams to help you grow your business.

  • We shares work with you for clients in your region.

  • Training and education on all services.

  • Local and national advertising that will help you grow your business.

What is the process?

We can help you grow your business. Open our franchisee & receive the following benefits:

  • Fill the franchisee / partnership form. Our team will contact you & send email with all the requirements.

  • If you qualify, we will share the agreement. Send a signed copy back to us.

  • You get clients from local marketing & online marketing.

  • We will help setup the franchisee: Provide training, Share marketing materials & creating online listing etc.

  • Revenues are shared between us & franchisee at a pre-determined rate.

  • We will help setup the franchisee with various franchise ideas.

Why go for our franchisee program?


Over many years experience


WTA & Co. founders have been serving from many years as veteran CAs & consultants. Our franchisees benefit from this experience & support which makes it one of the most profitable franchises among people.

Brand Strength


WTA & Co. is a respected brand in amongst SMEs, Cas & professionals. It is a lot easier for our franchise to attract new customers given this brand recall !

Best in Class Training


All our franchise get training through our experts, videos & material. We ensure that you appear professional & knowledgeable to the customer

Higher revenues


You need to fill our FSSAI application form and provide details about your food business.We share work related to return filing, registration & other financial services with you. Clients desiring in-person meeting are also directed to you.

WTA & Co. Support


You get full support from WTA & Co. in handling customer queries & processing work. Take franchise from WTA & Co. and experience it by your own. By franchising your business with WTA & Co. you will not just able to give a boost to your business but also be able to earn more profit.

Affiliation & systems


WTA & Co. is a registered e-filing intermediary. We have system & infrastructure to process client work


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